Life Insurance Guide
Helping to save you money on your life insurance policy
Discover what a life insurance policy is and see if it is right for you. We have covered all the key questions to ask every insurance provider before making a decision.
Life insurance for diabetics
Planning a funeral can be a very difficult and stresful time which is why we have provided you with a step by step plan.
Benefits of critical illness cover
Critical illness cover, is a long-term insurance policy that will offer you a tax-free ‘lump sum’ – a one-off payment.
Life insurance indexation
Life insurance indexation allows your cover to keep up with the cost of living when it’s needed to pay out.
Single or joint life cover
If you are in a relationship it might sound like a no brainer to go for a joint policy, but this is not always going to be the case.
Are over 50's plans a waste of money?
An Over 50's Life Insurance have become more and more popular over the years and are regularly advertised on the TV, newspapers and radio.
Protect Your Family
There are Million of households that do not have any financial safeguard in place for a number of reasons.
How to save money when you have a baby
A prepaid funeral plan allows you to protect your family and friends from paying for your funeral expenses for when you pass away.
Do you need critical illness cover?
Critical Illness Cover protects you if you were to suffer from critical illnesses by being insured.
Do i need life insurance?
The policy will pay either a cash lump sum or regular payments if you were to pass away within the term of the policy.
Can i afford life insurance?
Latest figures suggest that the overestimated cost of life insurance was over by a massive 394%.
Reasons you why you get declined for life insurance
When taking out life insurance there are many reasons in which you may be declined a policy.
Changing your life insurance policy
Funeral plans are expensive and are increasingly on the rise, but do funeral plans save you money?
Life Insurance Tips
Tips of life insurance.
How to make a life insurance claim checklist
Make sure you have covered everything at your funeral.
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