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Quote Me Less is a free impartial service that help our customers find the best life insurance deals, business insurance and funeral plans by using a network of insurance brokers. Our team will help find you the best comparison deals for life insurance, funeral plans, gas and electricity, utilities, broadband and TV. The whole purpose of our business is to help find you the best deals and to save you money on your household and business bills. We search, compare and quote by working with some of the UK’S leading providers and brokers, ensuring you get the best prices at that time.

How does we make money through our comparison site?

Like any comparison site, we only make money when we help find our customers a new deal on their existing or new provider. For each time someone purchases an insurance policy or switches their gas and electricity tariff or broadband and TV, we will be paid a small fee. In most cases we will always be cheaper than going straight to the provider and we will always show the lowest price first.

With every insurance policy taken out, we will donate 10% of our profit to Headway In Worcestershire. Headway are independent charity who support brain injury survivors and their families.

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