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Zinc Funeral Plan

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What is a Zinc funeral plan?

The Zinc funeral Plan provides a simple cremation funeral service, which includes a hearse to meet the mourners, a simple coffin, the professional services of the funeral director. The the funeral director sets the time and date of the funeral service.

The zinc plan includes a allowance only towards disbursements* such as cemetery, cremation or clergy** fees.

This extremely cost effective funeral plan, however, this does not allow the customer to choose a date and time of the funeral service and the Funeral director will be allocated according to the customer's locality.

*Payment of money from a fund

**Formal leaders within established religions

Our Zinc Funeral Plan Includes:

  • Advice on funeral registration, documentation and certification; death certificate, medical certificate of cause of death, birth certificate, marriage/ civil partnership certificate and certification for burial or cremation
  • Funeral director’s professional support and guidance servicess
  • Allowance towards disbursements of £931*
  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death to the Funeral director’s premises. This is within a 25mile radius and within normal working hours (Monday – Friday, between 8am/ 9am - 4pm/ 5pm)
  • Post-mortem care of deceased prior to the funeral
  • Chapel of Rest or Remembrance room available for family and friends to visit and pay final respects before the funeral service
  • Date and time of the funeral is appointed and cannot be altered or amended. These are usually restricted to Tuesday – Thursday and are set before 10:30am or after 3:30pm
  • Basic coffin with white frill and gown
  • Attendance of funeral conductor and four pallbearers to carry the coffin on day of the funeral
  • Provision of a hearse for funeral, wake or memorial service at your chosen Crematorium or Cemetery
  • Thank you cards to formally thank the people who attended the funeral i.e. family, friends, honorary pallbearers, musicians and someone who completed a reading during the service
  • Bereavement counselling/ additional support during grief (where available)

*Any additional costs that are not covered by the allowance of disbursements will be required to be paid by a third party

Zinc Funeral Plan Costs

Payment Options Amount
Single payments (Lump sum Payment  £3,089 to be paid within 30 days of application.
12 Monthly Payments  £236.58 p/m Total Payable: £3,089
24 Monthly Payments  £125.39 p/m Total Payable: £3,259.34
36 Monthly Payments  £88.61 p/m Total Payable: £3,439.90
60 Monthly Payments  £59.74 p/m Total Payable: £3,834.17
Fixed monthly payments from: £20.88

The above monthly funeral plan payments have been calculated with a view to placing a £250 deposit. The higher your deposit, the lower your monthly premium payments will be. Payments by instalments are subject to a cumulative management fee of 6% per year. The first 12 months of your plan have no added management fees.

Fixed Monthly Payments

The fixed monthly premium payment of £20.88 is based on a Zinc funeral plan being taken out by a 50 year old.

If you wish to find out how much your monthly premium payments would be for this plan, please insert your age when purchasing the plan to see the applicable monthly payment. Alternatively, please contact one of our friendly team on 01905 938626, who would be happy to guide you through this process.

Please note, there is a compulsory deposit of £25.00 when taking out a pay monthly Zinc funeral plan.

Special Requirements

Quote Me Less are always on hand to talk you through and discuss any additional requirements that you wish to incorporate into your plan.

Common additional requirements include an extra limousine, horse and carriage, a purchase of a new grave or a service held at a local church.

If you have any special requirements that you would like to be included in your funeral plan, please let us know as soon as possible so we can advise whether there will be any additional costs added onto your plan.

Regional Variations in pricing

Our funeral plans are based on a national average and in some areas of the country the prices of services may vary. For example prices would be much lower in northern regions of the UK and they would be considerably higher in comparison the prices of services in central London.

Should your chosen funeral director not accept the funeral plan at our national average price. We will advise you of the regional variation in pricing as soon as this is available.

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Additional Help

If you have any queries regarding any of our funeral plans, please contact our friendly and approachable team either by telephone on 01905 938626 or email us via info@quotemeless.co.uk

To receive your FREE Zinc prepaid funeral plan quote, all you need to do is click on the ‘Quote Me Less’ button below.

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