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What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a simple way to pay for the funeral you desire in advance, fixed at today’s prices. Taking out a funeral plan will relieve your loved ones of the added expense and worry of preparing your funeral. This will leave your family with that all-important-time to grieve and will allow them to mourn healthily.

Preparing a funeral plan or applying for a prepaid funeral plan may not always be at the forefront of our minds. With constantly rising funeral costs, taking out funeral insurance at today’s cost is an important factor to consider. We compare the best value for money funeral plans by using the UK’s leading providers.

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What are the benefits of a funeral plan?

  • Peace of mind of knowing all your arrangements would have been pre-prepared carefully with you in mind, in advance
  • You do not need to complete a medical questionnaire as all medical conditions are accepted
  • No credit checks
  • Freedom to choose to pay for your funeral in one lump sum or by instalments
  • Affordable payment options to suit every budget
  • With a fixed price plan, you can freeze the overall cost of your funeral plan
  • Paying for a funeral plan fixed at today's prices will help save you money from ever-rising funeral costs
  • It can cover the cost of your burial, cremation, the service, documentation costs, transport, funeral director costs, coffin and hearse
  • Discretionary costs including a florist, memorial and wake
  • You will be appointed your own FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) registered independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

How much does a funeral plan cost?

There are 2 ways you can buy a funeral plan;

  1. Directly from the provider
  2. Directly from a funeral director

A funeral plan can be paid for in a cash lump sum or monthly instalments, ranging from one to tens years. One-off payments usually range between £1,693 (copper plan) and £4,199 (premium plan).

Cheap Funeral Plan Quotes

Prepaid Funeral Plans

If you prefer to pay for your funeral in instalments, we offer affordable, flexible payment options to suit every budget. We will help you spread the cost of your funeral by applying a payment period that is ideal to you. Setting up a monthly direct debit will save you time and give you peace of mind in knowing you’re covered.

Our pay monthly funeral plans range from our simple single payment option, spreading the cost from 12, 24 or 60 months. If you prefer a longer funeral cover payment options, you can pay over 1, 2 or 5 years.

All details relating to payment plan options will be included within your bespoke prepaid funeral plan summary.

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Over 50s funeral plans

An over 50s funeral plan provides a cash lump sum to help pay towards your funeral after you pass away. It is similar to an over 50’s life insurance policy where you pay a fixed monthly premium payment. You are not required to undergo a medical exam or answer any medical questions. You are guaranteed acceptance for an over 50’s funeral plan if you are aged 50 or over.

It is important to note that it is possible to pay more into the policy than what is paid out. We understand the importance of protecting your investment and any gaining back benefits of any overpayment. If any money paid exceeds the amount of your funeral plan, this will automatically be put into a rebate feature. This simply means your estate will be eligible for a rebate due to the amount overpaid into the plan.

If your funeral service costs less than what is paid into your plan, you’ll also be eligible for a rebate. This can give you that little bit of extra-added financial security.

Our over 50s funeral plans start from £17.09 per calendar month. Depending on the type of plan and cover you choose, you can be covered within as little as 24hours. We can get you access to cheap funeral plans that are fixed at today’s prices.

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Compare Funeral Plan Packages

Our range of cheap funeral plan packages means you can choose the arrangement you would prefer and can afford. Whether it is something simple or more elaborate, we have everything you desire for the perfect celebration of your life.

Funeral Plans

Disbursements (Payment of money from a fund)

*All of our Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are guaranteed for cremation funerals only.

**The Zinc plan provides a contribution towards disbursements.

**On plans where a contribution is made towards disbursements these include ministers fees, cremation fees. After the amount contributed, these costs may still require additional payment from estate / executors at the time of funeral. (See Terms & Conditions).

Cheap Funeral Plans

We are proud to share the news that we are currently working with the UKs leading funeral plan provider. Here are some of the top funeral plan deals readily available online. You can be covered by your chosen funeral plan within as little as 24hours.

Cheap Funeral Plan
The Copper Plan is a simple, basic cheap funeral plan that provides a direct cremation service only. This plan includes the professional services of the funeral director, the doctor’s fees, the collection of the deceased from the place of death* and the transportation of the deceased to the crematoria and the cremation.

*Collection from a Hospital or from a Coroner’s mortuary is included in the plan but removals from a home or a nursing home will incur an additional cost.

Or pay monthly from £30.36
Our most affordable plan
The Bronze Plan is a straightforward funeral plan that ensures you have everything you need for a funeral, without the additional worry of any hidden costs. This plan provides the professional services of your chosen funeral director, a hearse for the service, the cremation, and a simple coffin.

*Formal leaders within established religions

Chapel of Rest available for family and friends to visit

Or pay monthly from £17.09
Our cost-effective plan
The Zinc Plan provides a simple cremation funeral service. This includes a hearse, a simple coffin, the funeral director but the funeral director sets the time and date of the funeral service. This plan includes an allowance only towards disbursements* such as cemetery, cremation or clergy** fees.

*The payment of money from a fund

**Formal leaders within established religions

Or pay monthly from £20.88
Our most popular plan
Our fully guaranteed Silver Plan ensures you have everything you need for a funeral without the additional worry of any hidden costs. This plan provides the professional services of your chosen funeral director, a hearse for the service, the cremation, a simple coffin and the minister fees. If you wish to have a burial, the Silver plan contributes towards burial disbursements only.

*The payment of money from a fund

Guaranteed Cremation and minister fees*

Chapel of Rest available for family and friends to visit

Or pay monthly from £24.32
Our specialist plan
The fully guaranteed, elite Gold Plan provides the professional services of the funeral director, an upgrade to a standard coffin, a hearse, the cremation of the deceased and the minister’s fees. If a burial is desired, it includes a contribution towards burial disbursements. It also provides the funeral cortège* from the home to the service, one limousine to transfer the mourners to and from the service.

*The payment of money from a fund


Guaranteed Cremation and minister fees*

Or pay monthly from £26.74
Our premium plan
The Platinum Plan fully guarantees to provide you with everything you need for a funeral. This is so you can protect those close to you from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral. The platinum plan provides the professional services of your chosen funeral director, a hearse for the service, the cremation, a high-quality coffin and the minister fees.

*The payment of money from a fund


Guaranteed Cremation and minister fees*

Or pay monthly from £28.44

Funeral Plan Payment Options

There are a variety of ways in which you can pay off your funeral cover. Here are some options that are available to enable you to choose the best policy for you or your family.

Payment Options How it Works
Single payments (Lump sum Payment) The whole sum is paid within 30 days of application.
Monthly Instalments over 1-5 years: You pay a monthly fee over a 12-60 month period (a deposit will be required).
Fixed monthly payments* You pay a low monthly fixed payment until the age of 90 or until death – whichever comes first.

Rising costs of a funeral

The cost of preparing a funeral is constantly on the rise. Even comparing recent figures during the current climate, there seems to be no evidence to show that this is declining. With the annual rate of inflation continually rising, these future arrangements can end up feeling unpromising to many families.

The Bank of England ‘Inflation Report August 2019’ states that the growth in the economy has slowed. It also details that the rate of inflation is currently at a 2% target.

The ‘Sun Life - Cost of Dying Report 2017’ revealed that the average cost of a basic funeral was constantly rising. These statistics also demonstrated an increase in funeral prices for the 14th year running.In comparison with the previous report, this showed that funeral plan prices had gone up by a total of 4.7%. This indicates funeral plan prices ranged from £3,897 in 2016 until inflation highly impacted this to £4,078 in 2017.

Planning ahead and finding the right funeral plan in advance will ease any of your families funeral worries. They will have peace of mind in knowing that there is no added financial pressure during an already difficult time. Feel ‘funeral secure’ and take out a funeral plan or prepaid funeral plan with Quote Me Less today. It will leave you feeling confident that your funeral is already taken care of should anything unexpected happen.

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Increased Protection for You and Your Family

Making the right decisions whilst planning a funeral is of upmost importance. At Quote Me Less, we work very closely with all of our insurance and are continuously improving our services. This ensures all of your essential funeral wishes are taken into consideration whilst we find you your perfect send-off.

  • We will only provide you with packages that satisfy your individual needs
  • We search, compare and quote hundreds of cheap funeral plans, so you don’t have to
  • We are here to help you choose a payment plan that is convenient for you and for your budget
  • All of our provider’s only prepare fixed price plans, so you will never have an increase in your funeral policy
  • We always listen carefully to your specific requirements and are happy to talk you through any worries you may have
  • We provide clear and concise funeral plan summaries, showing the options available to you
  • We will be in contact with you as soon as we have found the best deals tailored to your requirements
  • All of our providers are regulated by The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). This ensures we only bring you the highest possible standards when choosing your funeral plan
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How Secure is your money?

When it comes to taking out funeral cover, you need to know your money is secure. Even though the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) do not regulate funeral plans covered by insurance or trust arrangements. It does however stipulate rules for each types of investments and ensures any sums paid by the customer are safeguarded. All funds paid into trust will be readily available to pay for the funeral, when the time comes.

It is of paramount importance to us at Quote Me Less that your investment is protected. We ensure your money is safe and secure by complying with all current legislation.

‘The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 under Chapter XIV - Funeral Plan contracts, Section 60. (1b): - The provider undertakes to secure the sums paid by the customer under the contract will be held on trust. This is for the purpose of providing the funeral and that the following requirements are or will be met with respect to the trust.

(i) the trust must be established by a written instrument;

(ii) more than half of the trustees must be unconnected with the provider;

(iii) the trustees must appoint, or have appointed, an independent fund manager who is an authorised person. They must have permission to carry on an activity of the kind specified by article 37. This is a person who is unconnected with the provider, to manage the assets of the trust;

(iv) annual accounts must be prepared, and audited by a person who is eligible for appointment as a company auditor under section 25 of the Companies Act 1989. With respect to the assets and liabilities of the trust; and

(v) the assets and liabilities of the trust must, at least once every three years, be determined, calculated and verified by an actuary who is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries or of the Faculty of Actuaries.

Compare cheap funeral plan quotes with us today. All you need to do is click on the button below and let us do the hard work.

What makes our funeral plans different?

Quote Me Less believe in providing its customers with a more personal service. Our friendly and approachable team are on hand to ease any of your funeral financial worries. Unlike most price comparison sites, we compare and offer more bespoke funeral plans according to each customers wishes. We also work closely with some of the UK’s leading funeral plan and prepaid funeral plan providers. We aim to continuously bring customers the most affordable and competitive plans available in today's market.

All you need to do is complete our simple 2-minute online quote enquiry form. You can then sit back and relax whilst we start gathering the details and putting those all-important details together for you.

Compare cheap funeral plan quotes to get the best deals.

Compare Cheap Funeral Plan Quotes

Answers to your questions

Stay up-to-date with our weekly online blogs on funeral guides, health and wellbeing, testimonials, expert opinions and more.

Do you have questions or concerns about taking out funeral cover? If so, it might be beneficial to look at our FAQ’s below which may be able to help you further.

  • As a plan holder, you are able to detail and record your personal funeral arrangements
  • All of your requirements are set out in a guarantee, so your loved ones cannot disregard any of your funeral wishes
  • Funeral directors costs are guaranteed
  • Your funds are secure and all payments made under the contract will be held on trust and readily available to provide the funeral
  • No medical certificates are required from your doctor to enable you to take out the plan
  • There are no age restrictions to take out a funeral plan
  • Easy and affordable payment plans ranging from 12months to 10years
  • A funeral plan will help relieve the emotional and financial burden of planning your funeral

If there are still sums that needs to be paid when you pass away. The funeral plan provider will ask your estate or your family to settle the balance before they instruct the funeral directors.

Taking out a funeral plan today safeguards you from the ever increasing costs of paying for a funeral. The price of your plan will be fixed at today’s prices and it also has the guarantee to never rise with inflation. Receive a funeral insurance quote from Quote Me Less to see how much you can save.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) do not regulate funeral plans covered by trust arrangements or insurance. However, it does stipulate rules for each types of these investments and this ensures your funds are secure. All payments made under the contract will be held on trust and readily available to provide the funeral, when the time comes.

Depending on the type of funeral plan you chose to go with, your funeral plan can cover any of the following;

  • Transport of the deceased to the funeral directors
  • The care of and viewings of the deceased prior to cremation or burial
  • Cremation
  • Plot of burial/ burial permit
  • Embalming
  • Hearse and Limousine procession
  • Use of the Chapel of Rest or Church service rooms
  • The funeral service at a local crematorium or cemetery
  • Funeral Directors cost including your coffin
  • Flower arrangements
  • Preparation of documentation (Death certificate, birth certificate, marriage/ civil partnership certificate, organ donor card, NHS number/ NHS medical card)

At Quote Me Less we guarantee that all customers will receive a response to their quote request within 24 hours after their online form submission.

If you have any additional comments, queries or requests you would like to add to your quote request form, please email these over to Please ensure you include your name and contact details within this correspondence.

The key components to consider when planning a funeral are;

  • Choosing a funeral home/ funeral directors
  • Arranging transport of the deceased to the funeral home/ funeral directors or coroner (If an autopsy is required)
  • Obtaining documentation for the obituary
  • Deciding the type of disposition (Cremation with burial, scattering of ashes, urn, burial by entombment or mausoleum, biocremation or burial or scattering at sea)
  • Selecting a cremation container, a casket or coffin
  • Organising and coordinating transport for the casket and family members to travel to and from the service
  • Choosing the pallbearers
  • Choosing and arranging the preparation of the body and embalming, if desired
  • Choosing the clothing for the deceased
  • Choosing a location for the service
  • Identifying any benefits or services that the deceased may be eligible for (Military honours, religious groups, veterans’ benefits etc.)
  • Deciding the type of service (Military, memorial, wake, celebration of life, Jewish ceremony etc.)
  • Choosing an officiant to lead the service (Usually a family member or religious leader)
  • Decide who will read/ perform the eulogy
  • Choosing a florist and required flower arrangements
  • Choosing the poems, music, scripture or other meaningful readings to be read at the service
  • Preparing photos, videos, memorabilia, a memorial register, guest book or any other displays for use at the service
  • Creating and printing memorial programmes for family and friends attending the service
  • Selecting a headstone and inscriptions
  • Choosing burial plots/ marker for interment
  • Choosing and setting a date and time for the service
  • Writing and submitting the obituary to your chosen newspapers
  • Choosing and communicating whether donations received go to a specific charitable organisation in the obituary and/ or death notices

In the rare event that your funeral plan company becomes insolvent, you would be appointed another funeral directors straightaway. As funeral directors are not paid any funds until they have provided their service. You will always know your money is protected and your funeral is covered.

  • Before a death can be registered, a doctor will issue you with a medical certificate stating the cause of death. This certificate will be given to you in a sealed and addressed envelope to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • You must register a death within 5days (Scotland 8days) – this includes weekends and national holidays. (Register a death online at
  • The cost to acquire a certified copy of the death certificate at the time of registering the death is; £11.00 in England and Wales, £10.00 in Scotland and £8.00 in Northern Ireland.
  • You will also need to contact HMRC, to enable them to work out whether the right amount of tax has been paid by the deceased. HMRC will advise you whether they need to collect or repay any tax paid.
  • You may need to complete a ‘Self-Assessment Tax Return’ on the deceased’s behalf when the estate continues to receive income

Here at Quote Me Less, we understand people’s circumstances and situations can change. That is why our prepaid funeral plans offer you a full refund if you cancel your plan within 30days of purchase. If you choose to cancel your plan after 30days, we will refund you the original amount paid, minus an administration fee of £295.00.

Our funeral plan providers accept anyone over the age of 18 years old. Funeral insurance relieves stress and financially worries when you pass away.

If you are concerned about meeting your monthly payments towards your prepaid funeral plan. Please reach out to your funeral plan provider directly, where they can offer you their advice and assistance.

Whether it is because your loved one has asked for your help, you are taking control of finances or acting on advice. It is paramount that you compare cheap funeral plans to find the best cover with the right level of service.

As long as the person is aged over 50, we guarantee they will be accepted for a prepaid funeral plan.

A cheap funeral plan is a easy way to pay for the funeral service you desire in advance, fixed at today’s prices.

It may not be easy to talk to your loved ones about your funeral but it is advisable to let someone know about your funeral plan. You can let them know -

  • why you have put these plans in place
  • what is covered in your funeral plan
  • how the payment plan works

This will relieve any stress to your family from making difficult decisions through and already upsetting and difficult time.

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