How Much is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

How Much is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

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Death is always an event of deep sorrow for the whole family. Especially, if a death occurs unexpectedly without any preceding circumstances, the trauma experienced by the family can be deeply stressful. In such circumstances, planning the conditions for a funeral is also a big responsibility, but how much is a prepaid funeral plan? The bereaved are often in deep shock after the death of a loved one in the family. In these circumstances, having a prepaid funeral plan can help your family take care of all the needs of the funeral.

What are the Benefits of a prepaid funeral plan?

Funeral insurance covers the future costs for your funeral service, locked in at todays prices. With cremation fees rising by 58% in the last 10 years and burial fee increasing by 65%, now is a good time to take out a prepaid funeral plan.

  • No deposit payment options to suit every budget
  • No medical questionnaire as all medical conditions are accepted
  • All funeral plans are fixed at today's prices, saving you money from ever-rising funeral costs
  • No credit checks
  • Pay for your funeral in one lump sum or by instalments spread over 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 years

Under the most unforeseen circumstances, such as grief, pain, and stress, the family of the deceased has to deal with a number of difficult decisions before the funeral service. In such circumstances, taking out a prepaid funeral plan will eliminate the stresses and worries at an already upsetting time.

Nowadays, prepaid funeral plans are becoming more and more popular. Conventionally, after the death of a person, the family members are the ones who are responsible for arranging all the things required for a memorable funeral. Prepaid funeral plans are a revolutionary step as they help the family share the burden of expenses of the funeral.

A prepaid funeral plan will help your family mourn without having to worry about the expenses, funeral wishes and arrangements of the funeral.

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Peace of mind

Having your funeral arranged in advance will not only grant you peace of mind about your financial needs but will also relieve the stress when arranging your funeral. Your friends and family will never have to worry about arranging the funeral service. Our professional funeral plan advisors and providers will already know the specific requirements for your funeral service, which enables us to take care of everything.

We take it slow

Quote Me Less understands that arranging a one-time lump sum amount to pay for the funeral costs can be difficult. Arranging a good funeral requires a lot of services, which in turn, requires a lot of money. Paying for a funeral service in a lump sum in the circumstances surrounding a funeral can be difficult, given the mental condition the family members are in.

Our funeral plans are designed to provide your family comfort and support in the unforeseen circumstance of a family death. Therefore, we allow the payments to be made in one-time lump sum amounts or in installments that can be custom made to adjust for your monthly budget, so you never have to worry about putting a dent in your expenses.

Cash lump sum

Seeing the economic circumstances nowadays, funeral costs will go even higher than today’s prices. Our one-time fixed price option is made to free your mind from the potential expenses of a family funeral. Our presence is guaranteed, and the professional staff you see at our company today will be there for you tomorrow when you need our services.

Funeral service coverage

We offer many services in our prepaid funeral plans. There will be virtually no requirement that will not be taken care of by our expert staff members. The mounting costs of burial, cremations and other events related to the funerals are already a headache for a lot of people. With our one-time fixed price option, you can ensure that your family keeps itself sustained during those times of grievance.

No inquiries

Taking out Funeral insurance in advance is different to taking out a life insurance plan. Life insurance, you have to answer a purpose-built questionnaire in which the insurer asks about your current medical conditions. In the case of a funeral plan, we know that there can be unforeseen circumstances, and a person always is in the search of support, wherever it might comes from. Understanding these matters, we make sure that you are never handed lengthy questionnaires to fill asking about your medical condition. We are just there to help, not inquire!

funeral plan costs infographic

Unfortunately, the cost of a funeral is constantly on the rise and even during the current climate, there seems to be no evidence to show that the cost is decreasing.

Taking out a funeral plan today would safeguard you against the ever increasing costs of paying for a funeral whilst also having the guarantee of never rising in line with inflation.

Quote Me Less guarantee to provide you with the UK’s top-leading, low-cost funeral plans that are tailored to you and your family’s specific requirements. Speak with one of our friendly and helpful advisors today to see what packages would be beneficial to you.

funeral plan Quote

Online Funeral Planner

We offer an online service that helps you plan all the requirements for a particular funeral. This service is free, and anyone planning a funeral or is interested in funeral provisions can, with the help of our online prepaid funeral planner, easily calculate the exact funeral costs of the requirements one is hoping for. Our online planning service will help you get an idea how much is a prepaid funeral plan is after taking into account all of your needs.

Cost of a prepaid funeral plan?

So, how much is a prepaid funeral plan? Our expert funeral insurance advisors work in a highly professional manner, catering to all the services you will need in those times. Our plans are currently designed to accommodate people from all socioeconomic classes, ages from 18 years and older. Furthermore, the option of adopting either one time fixed price or installment plan is always there to ensure your peace of mind!

Quote Me Less search, compare and quote on all funeral plans by using a selection of providers. Our experts can advise you on the recommend funeral plans by understanding your budget and funeral service checklists.

Unlike most comparison sites, we advise you on what best funeral plan suits your needs. By Comparing the best funeral plans tailored for you can be very worthwhile in the long run for your family. There are large price differences for the same plans but from different funeral plan providers, we make sure that you choose the best provider at the lowest prices.

Contact us today to get a quote and get your loved ones covered to celebrate their life.

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