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Life Insurance

Compare life insurance quotes and help protect your family.

Life insurance is a policy that you take out and pay for monthly or annually. The policy will pay either a cash lump sum or regular payments if you were to pass away within the term of the policy. When taking out life cover there are 2 types of policies. These are usually based on a level or decreasing basis.

decreasing Policy

With a decreasing policy the amount of cover reduces over the term of the policy.

Level Term Policy

With the level term policy, the protection stays the same for the duration of the policy.

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Do you need life insurance?

Life insurance (also known as life assurance or life cover) is a policy that would help your family financially if the worst were to happen. If your children, partner or dependents rely on your income to cover the bills or other living expenses then it may be a good idea to take out protection, as it will provide for your family in the event of your death.

When taking out a life policy, it is important to know if your policy also includes terminal illness cover - this means that if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you will receive a payment. This is only paid out during the term of your cover. Each policy is different, so make sure to speak with our brokers to include terminal illness cover. .

What Isn't Covered

Life Insurance only covers death. If for any reason you can’t provide for your family because of illness or disability, you will not be covered. Although in the case of illness some policies will cover this under Critical illness insurance .Most policies have some exclusions. For example, most policies will not pay out if you pass away due to drug or alcohol abuse. You may have to pay a higher premium if you engage in some sports. Death due to a pre-existing serious health condition may not be covered.

Who doesn't need a life policy?

If you are single, or if your partner earns enough to provide for your family if you die, you may not need life cover? However you may want to set enough aside to pay for your funeral, or take out a funeral plan. Is life insurance value for money? If you are under 50 and still healthy, life cover is very good value for money. It often works out at just a few pence per day to provide your family with financial protection should the worst happen.

To receive your life insurance quotes all you need to do is click quote me now, complete the form and our brokers will do the rest of the work for you. Once our brokers have found the best deals for you, they will email or call you.

Life Insurance Quote

Benefits of life insurance

There are many benefits when taking out life insurance but here are a few reasons to why you should purchase life cover.

  • Will help towards funeral expenses.
  • Will pay-off your mortgage in event of death.
  • Will help support your family with education or childcare costs.
  • All Medical conditions are accepted.

Insurance guide

Our life insurance guide will help you find the right life insurance policy.

Types Of cover available


Over 50's Life Insurance

Critical Illness Cover

Whole Life Insurance

Child Health Insurance