what is a funeral plan

What Is a Funeral Plan

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to protect your family and friends from paying for your funeral expenses for when you pass away. A funeral plan is designed to take away all the financial and emotional stresses when arranging a funeral by paying for your funeral in advance.

When planning someone’s funeral, you’ll realise how stressful and expensive this can be. Unless you have already taken out a prepaid funeral plan or are thinking of taking a policy out. In most cases family and friends do not know what sort of funeral their loved ones want, unless you have sat down and discussed everything with them. This being said the main point of the plan is so your family and friends don’t have to struggle to pay for the funeral.

Save Money

Research in 2015 has shown that the average cost of a funeral has now hit £3702, an above inflation rise of 3.9% from last year. Cremation costs rose by more than burials by 4.2% to £4,110. These shocking figures show that funerals are constantly on rising each year, but if you take out a funeral plan now you will not have to suffer from the inflation saving you money.

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Benefits of a funeral plan

There are many benefits when taking out a prepaid funeral plan but here are a few reasons to why you should purchase funeral cover.

  • It's a fixed price plan.
  • Protects your family.
  • Acceptance is guaranteed.
  • Arrange everything in advance.
  • All Medical conditions are accepted.

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