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Funeral Plan Insurance

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Funeral plan insurance is important but we all choose not to think about death, but unfortunately this will happen to all of us. The last thing you want to think about when our love ones pass away is paying for funeral costs.

Throughout the years the average cost of a funeral has risen dramatically and is set to increase even more, making the average cost of a funeral these days around £3500. This being said, now is a really good time to plan a funeral as soon as possible. QuoteMeLess are here to help you plan this, helping to protect your love ones from extra stresses, expenses and worries by taking out a new or existing funeral plan policy.

Which funeral plan insurance is best for you?

Choosing the right funeral plan is important this can boil down to cost as different plans cover different costs. Some plans will cover costs such as burial fees and cremation costs, while other funeral plans will cover transport, flowers and wakes. QuoteMeLess can guide and talk you through what options are best suited to you through our panel of Insurance Brokers.

What makes Quote Me Less different?

Unlike most price comparison sites searching for online instant quotes we have gone a step further. We have teamed up with hundreds of brokers across the UK to help find you the cheapest and most suitable plans and deals for you. Best of all you will have your own FCA Registered independant financial advisor (IFA).

How we work

To receive your free funeral plan insurance quote all you need to do is click quote me now, complete the form and our brokers will do the rest of the work for you. Once our brokers have found the best funeral plan deals, they will email or call you.

Funeral Plan Prices

Funeral Insurance Providers Standard Plan   Intermediate Plan   Premium Plan 
Safe Hands (Buy Now)   from £2,075 to £3,155   £3,395 £3,700
Golden Charter   £3,525   £3,905   £4,239  
Dignity  3,535  £3,885  £4,285 
Avalon  3,595  £3,945  £4,195 
Age UK   £3,465  £3,815  £4,215 
Liberty  £3,210  £3,500  £3,800 
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