how to save money on a funeral

How To Save Money On a Funeral

No one likes to talk about death, so it’s no surprise that family and friends are shocked at the cost of a funeral. Research in 2015 has shown that the average cost of a funeral is around £3702, which has risen by 3.9% from the previous year.

Quote Me Less can show you how to save money on a funeral, whilst still having a more personalized send-off.

Help with funeral costs

If you or your partner are on a low income and receive the following benefits then you maybe eligible for a funeral payment from the social fund.

  • Child Tax Credits
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Working Tax Benefits
  • Housing Benefit
  • ESA

When applying for funeral payment from the social fund this can cover the cremation fees and burial and other expenses. To receive social fund information visit GOV.UK and see if you can make a claim.

Pre-paid funeral plans

A prepaid funeral plan will protect your family and friends from the financial and emotional burden of arranging a funeral. A funeral plan is a form of life insurance cover that you pay for on a monthly basis that helps pay for your funeral in advance.

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Benefits of a funeral plan

There are many benefits when taking out a prepaid funeral plan but here are a few reasons to why you should purchase funeral cover.

  • Takes the financial strain off the family
  • Can help save you money due to the rise in funeral costs
  • Everything is arranged in advance
  • No medical conditions

Funeral plan guide

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