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Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

We at Quote Me Less understand that gas and electricity prices are constantly increasing, which is why we have teamed up with the top energy providers to help find you the best gas and electricity deals. Our services can help find you just gas quotes, electricity quotes or gas and electricity quotes.

Why Switch Energy Providers

There are many reasons why you should switch energy providers but lets face it the main reason is to save more money and this can be done in minutes.

Another reason why you should think about switching are:

  • 1. Saving money on your energy bill.
  • 2. Having a fixed price tariff.
  • 3. Energy prices at £1200 can cost less than £1000 with the correct tariff.
  • 4. Free quote, no obligation service.
  • 5. You have 14 days to cancel you gas and electricity switch over.

Will my gas or electricity get cut-off whilst switching supplier?

No, at no point at all should your current energy provider cut-off any supply going to your property. All energy providers for residential and business properties use the same pipelines and cables so no workmen should ever be called out to your property. Once you have found a better deal there will be no changes to your gas and electricity supply.

I want to Compare Cheap Gas and Electricity Prices

When comparing and switching gas and electricity suppliers it is hard to actually find the cheapest provider for everyone. Quote Me Less will help find the best energy deals in your area by using our online comparison checker, we just ask for you to provide an accurate reading of your energy consumption.

When switching energy providers will my bills overlap?

No. When switching providers they will both communicate between one another on the date your switch will happen. You just need to remember to check what direct debits you have in place.

Do I need anything to get started?

Our process is easy, simple and fast, we just need your postcode and your latest gas and electricity bill. The reason we need your bill is so we can give you an more accurate reading on your current gas and electricity usage.

If you don’t have this to hand we can still give you a quote based on answering a few extra questions.

How do take an meter reading for my electricity?

Taking an electricity meter reading is simple, but this is dependant on what meter you have at home, as there are 5 different types of electric meters:

  • Digital
  • Economy 7
  • Standard
  • Prepayment meter
  • Dial

A standard meter simply take note of the five black numbers from left to right ignoring any red numbers displaying. This also goes for the digital and dial meter readers.

Will energy prices rise in 2018?

In 2017 a number of energy companies announced a rise in energy prices especially with the leading suppliers. If you’re fixed-rate deal is due to end this year, then chance are that you will see an increase in your energy bills, unless you find and switch to a better deal now.

By just using our online gas and electricity comparison software, we can reduce your home energy bills. Comparing gas and electricity prices on a regular basis is always a good idea to make sure you’re on the best possible deal.

Why has my electricity bill increased?

There are a number of reasons that your electricity bill has increased:

  • 1. Your home needs to be energy efficient, otherwise your just throwing money out of the window. A well-insulated property, draught proofing, energy efficient boiler, and double-glazing can all help with reducing your energy bills.
  • 2. Check your bill and see if your fixed price plan has ended as this protects you from price rises. In most cases when a fixed price plan has ended your automatically rolled on to a new plan, usually the most expensive plan.
  • 3. Regular check on your meter readings and write down exactly what has been used just in case your provider has done an estimated usage.
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How to find the cheapest gas and electricity prices

To find the cheapest gas and electricity prices all you need to do is type in your postcode, current plan details and your consumption information.

Quote Me Less will then use our partners price comparison software to help find you the cheapest and best gas and electricity deals. As all Gas and Electricity suppliers change their prices on a regular basis it's worth checking what’s on offer.

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