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Home Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Our home insurance frequenlty asked questions will answer any questions you may have to help you save money and find the best policy for you.

What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance cover is a type of insurance policy that comes in two parts – buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Contents insurance cover protects your processions against theft, damage and loss.

Building insurance cover will insure the skin of your property such as bricks and mortar for events like weather and fire damage.

Should I take out a single or joint policy?

If you would like your self and your partner to deal with the communications with your provider, we advise to take out joint cover.

It is known to be cheaper by taking out a joint policy.

Can I take our home insurance if I’m renting?

Yes, but you’re only responsible for the contents in the property that you own. You are not responsible for the maintenance of the building this is down to your landlord taking out buildings insurance.

Should I take out home insurance?

If you own your own home, you’ll need to have buildings cover just in case your home is damaged and needs to be repaired. Although it’s not compulsory, if you own your own home or have valuable processions this sort of insurance should be a top priority.

Should I get my buildings insurance through my mortgage provider?

No, unless your mortgage contract specifies this.

Does home insurance cover damage by pets?

In most cases home insurance providers will not cover damage caused by pets. But some pet insurance policies will cover this.