Headway Worcestershire

Headway are the local independent acquired brain injury charity and serve over 300 people a year across Worcestershire, with a goal of improving life after brain trauma, which may have resulted after road traffic accidents, stroke, brain tumour, haemorrhages and many more. For over 25 years they have designed and supported personalised rehabilitation programmes for those who are recovering after acquiring a brain injury, who often feel the negative effects not only physically, but mentally and socially too.

They support people who work towards regaining daily living skills, help stabilise mood and behaviour, re-engage them with the community and minimise any further risk of further psychological damage to name a few.

Headway service users can access three day centres, in Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Worcester, as well as benefit of the Outreach service, where the support workers provide assistance to the clients in their own communities. They also provide counselling and psychology services for the brain injured and their families, run carers support groups and partner with local services for occupational therapy, alternative and speech and language treatment.

About ABI

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is a term used for all injuries to a brain which have occurred since birth, and includes brain injuries caused through physical trauma such as hitting your head in a fall, a road accident or in a fight, as well as through tumours, strokes or haemorrhages. Everyone can suffer an ABI, regardless of age or gender.