Cavity Wall Claims

Millions of us have installed cavity wall insulation and loft insulation into our homes to help save us money, but unfortunately millions of us have seen and witnessed the poor levels of service. Nationwide cavity wall claims help you get compensation for being mis-sold cavity wall insulation, as a result of rogue traders looking to make money through the government scheme. All of your claims will be handled by trusted solicitors from across the UK to help get the most out of your claim.

What Is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall insulation reduces heat loss and can save the homeowner approximately £180 a year on fuel bills and can reduce CO2 emissions by 800kg. The insulation only needs to be installed once. Cavity wall insulation will keep the heat in, keep your home nice and warm, reduce your energy bills and even help the environment.

Was I Mis-sold Cavity Wall Insulation

There are many reasons on why people have been mis-sold on there cavity wall insulation, these are:

What documents do I need for a cavity wall claim?

In order to help make your cavity wall insulation claim, you will need:

1. Any documents you would of received prior to the install, such as sales letter, assessments and compliment slips.

2. Contract of agreement.

4. Both before and after photos.

5. Any guarantees provided.

Making a Cavity Wall claim

To make a cavity wall claim we recommend a company called Nationwide Cavity Wall Claims.

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